Woolwich Central School

Bus Run for September 8th - 25th

Bus 20, J. Mackie

7:35 a.m. - starting at Route 1 to left on Mountain Rd.; 7:47 enters Mountain Rd, to end of Mountain Rd, 7:48; reverse on Mountain Rd and go to Old Stage section 5; reverse to East Hedge; 8:07, Mountain Rd/right on to Old Stage Rd. Section 4 to Route 127 South; 8:30, to Woolwich Central School.

Bus 30, A. Caron

7:38 a.m. - starting at Pine St; 7:38 Pine St./Rt 1; 7:40, Dairy Queen; 7:41, Old Arrowsic Rd.; 7:43, Hall Rd.; 7:45, George Wright Rd., Barley Neck Rd., 7:51 reverse to Hockamock Rd.; 8:00 Murphy’s Corner to Montsweag; 8:25 to Woolwich Central School.

Bus 46, R. Gainey

7:30 a.m. - start Route 127, Middle Rd, Old Stage Rd; 7:37, Delano Rd to Dana Mills Rd; 7:45 right onto Route 127 North; 7:51 left onto Chopps Cross Rd.; 7:58, right onto Rt 128 North to Dresden line; 8:02 reverse to Rt 128 South and go to Rt 127; 8:19 left onto Rt 127 and go North to Nequasset Rd.; 8:20 to Woolwich Central School.

Bus 36/28, J. Pinette

7:30 a.m. – Route 127 across Arrowsic bridge, 7:35 Chaffee Road, Bald Head to Indian Rest Road and left on Route 127, 7:45 Prebble Pt. Road to Route 1 Woolwich, to Nequasset Road, left on Middle Road, 7:54 Right on River Road, Right on Old Stage Road, 7:56 – Stop at Long Brook Road, Chandler Drive, 7:58 stop at Wagon Wheel, Whitney Drive, 8:00 stop at Carriage Lane, left turn on Middle Road, 8:05 stop at Wright Lane, Ridge Wood, 8:08 stop at Hedge Bridge Road, 8:12 at Colby Drive. Turn around at Dresden line, 8:17 PJ Way, continue to Woolwich School.

Bus 49, Dan/Rick

7:47 a.m. Begin on the North End of Shaw Road, 7:50 Right on to Meadow Road, 7:56 Right on to Gray’s Corner Road, 8:00 Left on to Walker Road, 8:02 Left on to Birchwood Drive, turn around, 8:05 Right on to Walker Road, 8:07 Right on to Mountain Road, 8:10 Right on to Route 1; Right on Sanders Rd, turn around and right on Rt. 1; Left at W.W. Baptist Church; 8:15 left on to Western Road, left on to Route 1, 8:20 Left onto George Wright Road, 8:25 Right onto Nequasset Road, 8:27 Woolwich Central School.