• Student School Bus Notes: Are you looking for an easy way to write your child a note for an absence, early dismissal, or other permissions? Try this new WCS School Notes form. The form prints 4 per page.

  • Media and Field Trip Permission: This permission slip covers both Media permissions and Field trips. Occasionally we photograph children performing their everyday tasks, receiving awards or any number of activities. Prior to posting pictures to our website, the RSU website or the newspaper we must have this signed form on file. This will also give permission for your child to attend field trips.

  • Volunteers We are very fortunate to have many parents/guardians volunteer at our school. If you would like to volunteer (including attending field trips), please download, fill out and return this form to the office.

  • Extended Absence Form: If your student will not be attending school for an extended period, please complete this form and submit it to the Main Office.