WCS News 10.2.20



October 2, 2020

The Woolwich Way

Respect . Responsibility . Honesty . Compassion . Courtesy . Quality


10/12 - Indigenous Peoples’ Day

10/30 & 11/2 - Picture Day

11/3 - Election Day - Professional Development Day


Great things are happening at WCS!

We want to send out a HUGE thank you to Ellie, Kyla, Matt and Greg for all of their hard work keeping our building clean and healthy!! Happy Custodian’s Appreciation Day!


Monday, October 12th, is Indigenous People’s Day (Formerly Columbus Day). This will be a four day week of school. To stay on schedule, we will just SKIP Monday and continue with the normal hybrid schedule on Tuesday. Please see the schedule below and call Mrs. Walker or Mrs. Pinkham in the office if you have any questions. 

Monday - 10/12

Tuesday - 10/13

Wednesday - 10/14

Thursday - 10/15

Friday - 10/16


Group B

No Students 

Group A

Group B


Beginning next Monday/Tuesday (depending on your A/B cohort), students will be expected to complete independent scheduled assignments at home as we start their distance learning portion of their school week. Assignments will be posted to Brightspace. Attendance on Distance Learning days will be counted as work completion. The expectation for students to participate in distance learning activities range from one hour per day in pre-K, and increases by grade level. Parents can expect that all assignments, links, announcements, etc. will be communicated through Brightspace. Over the past several Wednesdays, teachers have been working to prepare their Brightspace learning platform to be up and running and ready to go. Wednesday will be a “catch-up/flex” day. Teachers may provide new work, or ask students to work on ongoing projects, or catch up on past or missed work. It is also an opportunity for students to connect with teachers to ask questions or for students to receive extra help. Please make sure you connect with your child’s teacher if you have any additional questions on hybrid learning or about a Wednesday schedule.  


Middle Schoolers have received a printed version of the WCS Cellular Use Permission Form (printed on yellow paper.) If your student brings a cellphone to school, we ask that parents and students sign the form and return them to their homeroom teachers.


HEAR YE!  HEAR YE! I will begin hearing and vision screening next week.  I will start in 8th grade and work backwards. If you would like me to have more information about your student, or for some reason, not to check their vision or hearing, please let me know. I try to check every student in the building even though I am only required to do certain grades.  I have found many students who have benefited from glasses, or in a few cases were having difficulty hearing. After they leave WCS, many times they are not checked again, at least in school. I have already applied for 10 scholarships that would allow for free glasses to those who could benefit from them. NO NEWS IS GOOD NEWS.  If your student has no vision or hearing problems you will NOT hear from me. Lastly, please be proactive and think about flu shots,  It is NOT too early. - Roberta Sherwood, R.N., BSN, M.Ed