WCS Newsletter 12.18.20



December 18, 2020

The Woolwich Way

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12/18 - Report Cards Go Home

12/21 & 12/22 - No Pre-K

12/23/20 - 1/1/20 - Winter Break

1/4/21 - Welcome Back!

1/18 - Martin Luther King, Jr. Day - No School


Great things are happening at WCS!

The 5th grade isn't able to go to the Gulf of Maine Research Institute (GMRI) this year, so they came to us. Scientists worked with the classes each day to learn about the Gulf of Maine, a collaboration between scientists and the fishing industry, and much more.  The hope is a sense of place and interdependence, as well as the possibility of lighting a fire under students who may opt into a career in science someday.


Woolwich Central School is thrilled to welcome Jennifer Joray to our staff as our new general music teacher, band director, and chorus director.  She comes to us with over 10 years of experience as a music teacher and program director.  During this time she has worked hard to strike a balance between high expectations for performances and an overall love of music.  Without any hesitation, she has jumped right into teaching her classes and has made a positive first impression on our students.


Please send an extra mask for your child for after recess. We are finding that masks get wet at recess and need to be replaced when everyone is back inside. 


Beginning this past Monday we adjusted our arrival and dismissal times. The new times are as follows:


Arrival                                                                                                                 Dismissal

  • 8:20 - Early Group Arrives                                                          2:15 - Bus Dismissal for Early Group

  • 9:10 - Late Group Arrives                                                              2:25 - Parent Pick-up for Early Group

  • Wednesday Arrival Early Group 9:20                             2:55 - Bus Dismissal for Late Group

  • Wednesday Arrival Late Group 10:10                              3:05 - Parent Pick-up for Late Group  



We are very fortunate to have lockers to use at Woolwich Central School! It is our intention to have students using their lockers during the school day, and then bringing all of their belongings home with them at the end of each day. The lockers are cleaned each night and need to be left open and empty for this to happen effectively. We also want to be sure that everyone has everything they need in the case of an unexpected snow day, or a remote learning scenario where the building will be closed. Please remind your students to bring their things home with them each day so they have what they need when they need it!   



‘Tis the season….for Holiday Trivia! For the past 2 weeks, we have been quizzing our students on their knowledge of popular holiday literature. They had fun answering trivia questions every morning, and 2 winners were selected each day. Then I got to spread some holiday joy by gifting the winners with their own book! Speaking of books, overdue notices for late library books were sent home this week. Please check with your student to see if they have anything overdue. It would be wonderful if those late items are returned to the library before we go on holiday break next week. Thanks for your help!


 I'm happy to share that the students are discovering how to move and create with beat, rhythm, and pitch.  They're playing distanced games about high and low, posture, and are learning how bells and their voices produce pitch and resonate.  It's been great getting to know all these wonderful students and staff in my first two weeks at Woolwich Central!   ~ Mrs. Joray    


CLICK HERE to see "Our Week In Pictures " by Mrs. Dimbleby

We hope you have a safe and happy holiday break!!

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