WCS Newsletter 1.22.21



January 22, 2021

The Woolwich Way

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1/25 - RSU1 School Board Meeting

2/8 - 2/12 - Eat the Rainbow Week!

2/15 - 2/19 - February Break - No School

3/25 - Parent/Teacher Conferences  

3/25 & 3/25 - HALF DAY OF SCHOOL


Great things are happening at WCS!

  •  The WCS PTA recognized our teachers and staff this week with delicious breakfast treats! It was a lovely way to start the day and it put a smile on everyone’s face!


Covid vaccines are now being given to all those who fall in category 1a.  That includes medical professionals like nurses, EMTs, OT, PT, ST, LCSW's; it also includes those over the age of 70. If you or someone you know falls into one of these categories, please let them know they can get a covid shot by simply calling 877-780-7545. They will be put on a list and someone will call them back with a time and place for vaccination. Do not be discouraged if you cannot get through, but please keep trying!  In the meantime, keep up the mask over your nose and your mouth, wash and sanitize your hands, and keep on social distancing.  With increased numbers being recorded it is clear that community transmission is occurring and now is not the time to let our guard down.  I am ALWAYS available for further information and will help in any way I can. 

~ Roberta Sherwood, R.N, BSN, M.Ed

Hello families!  Our annual Eat the Rainbow event is coming up here at WCS.  Although the event will look different due to COVID, we are still going to try and make it a special week for our students.  Here is how it will work!   

Monday (February 8th)- Green Day

Tuesday (February 9th)- Orange/Yellow Day

Wednesday (February 10th)- Blue/Purple Day

Thursday (February 11th)- Red Day

Friday (February 12th)- Rainbow Day 

On these days, we hope students will wear clothing that coordinates with the specific color of the day!  These days will also include a fruit/vegetable for the color on the school lunch menu for this week!  There will be daily announcements talking about the importance of the different colors and some other fun events happening through classes as well.  I am looking forward to the week and hope you are too!    Sincerely, Mr. Hutchings



The next RUS1 School Board meeting will take place on Monday, 1/25 with the Executive Session starting at 5:00 pm and the General Session starting at 6:00 pm. The community is invited to view the meeting virtually using the following link:

https://youtu.be/iignga3Y-gs The meeting agenda can be viewed using the following link: https://5il.co/orsz

If you wish to make a public comment at the meeting, please follow the link below to complete a brief public comment form.  You will be called from the meeting during the public comment portion of the agenda.  Please state your name and the RSU1 municipality in which you live before commenting.  Comment requests must be received before 3:00PM Monday, 1/25.  CLICK HERE for the Public Comment Link.

In accordance with School Board policy, the following promotional announcements have been included at the request of the sponsoring organization because they may be of interest to students and their families. These activities are not sponsored by the school, and inclusion of these announcements does not constitute endorsement of the organizations or activities by the school.