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December 17, 2021

The Woolwich Way

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12/20 - 1/1/22 - NO PRE-K

12/21 - 6pm WCS Tree Lighting; on the playground

12/22 - Ugly Sweater Day 

12/23/21 - 1/1/22 - Winter Break

1/3/21 - Welcome Back!

1/17 - MLK Day - NO SCHOOL


Great things are happening at WCS!

The school has been working hard at collecting money for the Pocket Change for Charity drive. As a total, the school has raised $996.44! This drive will be ending on Tuesday 12/21 and the money will be donated. The class that has raised the most money will be awarded the 

Purple Penny to display in their classroom!


I wish each of you a healthy break!  Please get outside and enjoy some sunshine and some fresh air.  Try to get some rest and make a bit of time for yourself:  DON’T FORGET FUN TIME!  Life has been hard for many of us for a while now, and I want you to know that I acknowledge that.  I am hopeful that life will get easier in the near future.  I am thankful for all who have gotten vaccinated, and sent in a copy of the cards to me, either in email or as a photocopy.  I am thankful for your notifications each time someone in your family is positive for Covid and when you keep your student home due to being a close contact.  (I have no way of knowing if you do not tell me.)  I was reminded this morning that if someone in your family tests positive I have no way of knowing unless you tell me.  The CDC does not communicate that information to me, and I do need to know. Like all of you, I long for life to be different, but I am thankful that during these hard times we have each other. Try to remind yourself that while things are still difficult, they are in many ways better than last year.  Enjoy the season, your family, and as always be thankful for your health.  ~Nurse Sherwood


This month we are all singing holiday songs from Hanukkah to winter, Kwanzaa to Christmas, and playing instruments that sound "icy," such as chimes, jingle bells, tambourines, finger cymbals, etc.  We are beginning to read rhythms and solfege pitches in pre-k through grade 2, reading music notation and playing on recorders in grades 3-4, learning ukuleles and reading melodies and chords in grade 5, and practicing for our mini-musical, "The Big Chill," in grade 6!  In grade 5 beginner band and grades 6-8 Concert band, we will implement a band karate rewards system which will be graded but also allow for many opportunities for advancement in small increments--we aim to practice three times a week as a minimum!  I cannot wait for grades 6-8 chorus to sing at our grade level assemblies, the first annual tree-lighting ceremony, and begin our spring concert repertoire!!  Lots going on here in the music department! ~Mrs. Joray


PLEASE CLICK HERE to watch the WCS winter band and chorus concert that took place on Thursday, 12/9! We are SO PROUD of all the hard work that our students have put in and the talent that they have developed!


The weather has turned cold and it’s time once again for students to be sent to school in boots, hats, coats, mittens or gloves and snow pants! If you write your student’s name on items we will make sure that they don’t end up in the lost & found! 

Remember to send your student in with a water bottle as well! Water fountains are not on this year, and we are encouraging students to stay hydrated by drinking from their own, refillable water bottle (labeled with their name, of course!)


‘Tis the season….for Holiday Trivia! We have been quizzing our students on their knowledge of popular holiday literature. They have had fun answering trivia questions that were asked over the announcements every morning, and a winner was selected each day. Then I got to spread some holiday joy by gifting the winners with their own book! Speaking of books... overdue notices for late library books were printed yesterday. Please check with your student to see if they have anything overdue. It would be wonderful if those late items are returned to the library before we go on holiday break next week. Thanks for your help! - Mrs. Luchies


In January, students in grades K-5 and 7-8 will be receiving lessons from an educator from Sexual Assault Support Services of Midcoast Maine (SASSMM). SASSMM’s lessons meet key learning requirements set by the Maine Department of Education, and serve as part of our guidance curriculum. Letters with additional information about this program have been emailed out to parents!


We hope you have a safe and happy holiday break

In accordance with School Board policy, the following promotional announcements have been included at the request of the sponsoring organization because they may be of interest to students and their families. These activities are not sponsored by the school, and inclusion of these announcements does not constitute endorsement of the organizations or activities by the school.